• Source Multifamily and Commercial Property
          Before we offer a property, we inspect it with a contractor and
          meet with the existing property management.
  • Verify Property Financial's and Value
          We verify all financial's provided by the seller to determine 
          validity and sustainability. We title search, analyze and appraise              all proprieties to assess comparable properties in the area.

  • Secure Financing
           We work with 5 banks to ensure the best rate possible.
          Our properties always cash flow with our 50-50 loan to property                purchase philosophy.

  • Secure Management
         We retain / hire / or transition any on or off-site                                             management team with each property.
          We manage the management company.
          We meet with the management on a regular basis.
          We walk the property with the management annually.

  • Closing and Title Owner Transfer to LLC
         We file and maintain an individual LLC per property for                               each investment property and group.    
          All monthly, quarterly, and annual accounting
          is provided per property.
          Each investor receives an annual K1 tax form.

  • Horizon Line
       We group like minded investors on each property with a                             definitive horizon line for sale or transfer.
.        We structure a pre-determined sale or 1031 transfer for each                    property at 60 months 90 months and / or 120 months.

  • Strength
        Becoming a member of  our group minimizes risk and increases
          buying power.   

  • Service
           We handle the closing process
           We process monthly PNL's
           Our CPA produces your K1
           You do not have to get on a plane to handle any issues