Gregory T. Herweg
Alliance Investment Group
811 Wilshire Blvd. Suite #920
Los Angeles, CA 90017
Phone 310-418-3275

        Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Alliance Investment Group A Real Estate Agency..?
          No we are a Private Investment Syndicate that           participates / invests and manages each                     property.
  • How is Each Properties LLC Structured..?
          Each Member-Partner is a participant in each             properties LLC, as a Unit Holder. As a Member-           Partner / Unit Holder you decide on the correct           property / time line / and exit strategy.
  • If I am a member / unit holder of a property what personal liability do I have..??
          Each property is protected by the law's that                 govern an LLC " Limited Liability Company ".             Your total exposure can not be more that your             initial buy in amount. Further, we carry a                     blanket separate insurance policy to cover
          any tenant or contractor law suit brought                     against the LLC.