For over 10 Years Alliance Investment Group has focused on building wealth through real estate acquisitions and management. Our conservative approach to investing has a proven track record. Look through our properties page and discover that Alliance Investment Group uses minimal financing with consistent income results.

Alliance Investment Group is an independent Syndicate with one primary focus, creating wealth through Multifamily and Commercial Real Estate acquisitions.

This Multimillion Dollar Syndicate sources each property and researches each aspect of the transaction from Acquisition / Financing / Management / and Resale or 1031 Exchange.

Our acquisition strategy is simple. We find equitable property's with a minimum (3-5) three to five year rental history, verified accounting, positive upside, little to no deferred maintenance, under market appraisal to purchase price.

Our investment strategy is also simple. We find like minded investors, pool investment capital, finance no more than 50% of each property, and have a definitive entrance and exit strategy for each property (Usually 60 to 120 Months).

Alliance Investment Group by the Numbers
11.8 % Annual Cash on Cash Return
5.0 % Annual Depreciation
7.0%  Annual Interest Write-Off
3.0 % Annual Equity Gain
26.8 % Realized Return on Investment

Alliance Investment Group